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European Media Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

European Media Policy - Essay Example The media industry is booming day by day and is touching new horizons. Its importance is unparalleled in this society as it serves so many needs and without the presence of media, a certain loophole will be left which can not be filled by any other form of communication.1 When it comes to a media policy, this means that there should be regulation and governance in this industry too. The media, if let loose, can have damaging effects as well. Because it is the media of a country which represents the country worldwide and can have dangerous circumstances for the country if, at any point in time, the media broadcasts or prints something which hurts the social, political and emotional sentiments of some other race, culture or country. Therefore, media has to be regulated so that it is unbiased, so that proper rules are followed, so that coverage is done in a standardized form. The European Media Policy is the media policy which regulates the media channels found in the European Union. There is a forum known as the Information Society and Media, which has an European Commissioner and a Directorate General, presently they are Viviane Reding and Fabio Colasanti respectively. The Directorate General has included the "Media" in his responsibilities since January 2005 only. Before this date, he was only responsible for the Information Society. The European Commission also maintains a Commissioner of Communication, whose job description is to maintain links and contacts with the media and have a certain level of relationship with the media. 2 The aims of the European Media Policy is that it wants to see Europe as a landscape with a strong presence and foothold of media and it wants to have an expression based on the element of media pluralism. Another aim of the European Media Policy is to stand up to such a level where it can compete with other media industries on a global and international scale. Pros of European Media Policy One of the major pros of the European Media Policy is that it is seen as a national responsibility by all. Everyone who is concerned or related with the media takes full responsibility of bringing out the best they can in providing news and entertainment plus keeping in mind that every thing has its limitations. This can be generalized to a term self-governance. The stakeholders and the owners of media can self-regulate themselves so as to decrease the need for a strict overlook of the Government and Media Bodies in this matter. The second major pro of the European Media Policy is that when it comes to the media owners and the Government, neither of them have a stronger foothold than the other in the relationship that they share. If it had been such a case where the Government would have had an upper edge in this relationship that they share and would have been easily able to influence the media without the media having any say as to how the regulation should be done, then there would have been a problem. In the case of the European media policy, the media gets affected, directly or indirectly, with situations that take place on a Government level and likewise, the Government is affected by the way the media will

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Single European Payment Area Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Single European Payment Area - Essay Example The Single Euro Payment System an electronic payment system in the euro zone countries. The banking industry in the European Union came up with the idea having the first Single Euro Payment Area products launched in January 2008. The Single Euro Payment Area, simply called SEPA, is an electronic system that eases the electronic payment all across the Euro zone by the use of credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer or direct debit. The electronic system will make it easy for tourist from and within the European Union, access their money as if they are in their domestic country (Anamaria and Ghiba, 2). The Single Euro Payment Area is highly supported by the EC and ECB. This is because of its significance to financial institutions and their client. The European Payment Commission, which represents the European banking industry, the European Central Bank and the European Commission all have a common vision and goals in the execution of the SEPA. The European Payment Commission uses the industry’s self-regulations to improve and promote the Single Euro Payment Area. This is done by defining common positions for core payment services within a competitive market place. The EPC is also accountable for providing strategic guidance for standardization and provide or in some cases formulate the best practices and support while monitoring the implementations of made decisions (Anamaria and Ghiba, 2). The EPC has fabricated new product schemes for direct debts and credit transfers and a structured framework for payment cards. The EPC represent the whole European financial industry as the members are from banking associations and banks from the EU member states. This assures that all the credit institution, regardless of its size, within the European market has a say in the implementation process of SEPA. The European Central Bank played a substantial role in the implementation of

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Csr in Foxconn Essay Example for Free

Csr in Foxconn Essay More and more companies are investing in China, to share the incredible profit generate from the 1.4 trillion people. One of the US based company, which its going to invest 35% of its stake, to a fast growing China private-owned timber flooring company. Like most local Chinese company, CSR is not implementing in that company as well as no management working on it. Generally speaking, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrates into business model, in which a company monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of law, ethical standard and international norms. Although this timber company has high growth in the market and generate good profit, it may easily pose a risk to investor if they are not pay attention to social and environmental issues. Below summaries would like to analyst the potential impacts may arise from different parties such as employees, consumers, environment, and communities and how they may be affected by the decision. First of all, its no doubt that employee are the basic component of an industry. By taking measures from the Social Accountabilities 8000 (SA8000), they should consider if the company has employed child labor. Child labor is very popular in China and other developing countries like Guatemala especially industry like involving agricultural and manufacturing that need high working force. It may violate the law and damage the company brand easily. Other than legal extend, an interesting figure showed that (, 83% of the employee will leave the job if their employer used child labor. Obvious, child labor nowadays give more harm than good, instead, providing wellness program for employee and their families create certain shared value that they will love more the company in both mentally and physically. Moreover, its also important that the firm should provide adequate safety working environment as well as organize enough safety training. It will certainly reduce the number of accidents occurs. In the early 80s, China had launched Social Security Fund, all companies must follow closely and provide all kinds of insurances to employees in order not to obstruct from the law and political issue. In addition, the company should encourage workers to form union and those who involve wont be discriminated. Because employee more involve in the discussion regarding payroll, community welfare and company development will surely increase their loyalty at all. The investor has to review all the working hours, salary standard and penalty and make sure its fair to everyone. Secondly, the investor should concern to the consumers feedback in which the company has to create customers satisfaction to their products. However, in this competitive world, many companies like to exaggerated the usage and beauty of their products to attract more customers by means of media as a communication platform. For this reason, the investor should review all these products advertisement that might cause harmful effect to the product brand name. Reputation of the timber flooring company takes years to come to the top five in China can be ruined in hours. One accident always cause in flooring industries may be the level of formaldehyde is so high that cause toxic to human. Heath problems always cause fatal to death of company. One of big scandal happened recently nearly killed AJISEN one of the ramen restaurant in which has been accused of making their broths using soup concentrate and cheap flavoring powders, known for a guarantee that all their soups come from a broth of pork bones simmered to perfection.(Patrick Keefe) Stock price of AJISEN drops from HK$17.82 to HK$9.32 (51.7%) within 2 weeks just right after the scandal and never climb back up until now. Indeed, customer are all likely the same, they only purchase goods they fell confidence by faith as choices are not the only one. Above example shows a warning signal that in case the company has listed in the stock market in the future. They have to take care much more than now on the CSR issues as media can spread out news within one day. Thirdly, the company should put more efforts not to interfere the environment. Recently, Chinese government has set up many laws to preserve environmental friendly after enter the WTO, ISO14000 standard is basic management standard that has to follow. Due to their factories including plantation, chemical working for production and raw material importation, there are a lot of chances may encounter to environmental dispute. As an investor, other than make sure correct documentations and license for environmental issue, they also have to study all the process in terms of energy use and logistics. Considering the firm has 50% of timber source globally and 10% of their customers are overseas, excess packaging of products and greenhouse gases are not just costly to the environment but also costly to the business. By reducing its packaging and cutting 100 million miles from the delivery routes of its trucks, Wal-Mart lowered carbon emissions and saved $200 million in cost. (Harvard Business Review). Above example shows typical how mutual benefits if we re-arrange business decision and enhance regulation reforms even just simple as logistic. Besides, China has a lot of tax reduction and funding approaches to achieve government supports by encouraging people to protect the nature. Furthermore, the investor should also pay attention to their suppliers. Not only to check if the imported products are fulfill the regulations but also review the availability and the ease of transportation as 50% outsourcing of the company is not a small figure to ignore. Above all, CSR is not a short term objective, the investor should set up a CSR team in the company for promoting and working for long term prospective. Its clearly that CSR is helping to build up the company brand far more easily than performing marketing and sales on timber flooring only. According to Harvard Business Review, Not all profit is equal. Profit involving a social purpose represent a higher form of capitalism, one that creates a positive cycle of company and community prosperity, its no doubt that customer will purchase more if the timber flooring shows green and if the company anticipate more social welfare activities. To conclude, the investor should immerse CSR into each employee and the community in order to enhance share value to form a mutually beneficial society.

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Problems with Internet Cafes and Online Games in Taiwan :: Computers

Problems with Internet Cafes and Online Games in Taiwan Asian countries have never been unfamiliar with gaming software. From the very beginning when Japanese companies developed various game councils, Asian countries, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, became large markets for computer and video games. In addition to the spread of gaming system technology in Asia, countries like Taiwan, China, and South Korea that have abundant labor resources have developed sufficient, but inexpensive computer components and software in recent decades. Online games have existed in Asia since more than a decade ago, but did not come to the mainstream of software development until early 1997. Online games became mainstream with the introduction of the Internet cafà ©. Although some reports show that the appearance of Internet cafà © and online games seems to promote the development of computer software design in Taiwan and increase the revenue for several computer component companies, it brings new social problems. There exists a management crisis of the cafà ©s, and censorship or copyright problems with software. While the Taiwanese government is trying to eliminate the problems by putting more restraints on this modern business, it also has the dilemma not to violate people’s freedoms and rights. In this paper, I will first discuss Internet cafà ©s in Taiwan and the famous (or infamous) online game known as â€Å"Heaven.† Then, I will present some ethical issues brought about by this new high-tech business and the opinions voiced regarding the pros and cons of the governmental regulations. Finally, I will also discuss my points of view concerning to this matter. In 1997, the South Korean government, in an attempt to stimulate the growth of its economy, encouraged the development of online gaming software. In order to accommodate gamers, the Internet cafà ©, which originated in England, became one of the most profitable businesses in South Korea. According to Business Weekly, there were around four thousand Internet cafà ©s in South Korea in the year 1999, but the number has mushroomed to twenty thousand in the year 2000. Moreover, the estimated revenue for Internet cafà ©s in South Korea by the year 2001 grew to $1.4 billion U.S. dollars. Due to the popularity of this modern business, the Taiwanese gaming industry decided to follow and develop online games. So far, there are around 8 million Internet users in Taiwan, and approximately 40% of them are gamers.

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Effect of Csr Activities on Sales Essay

Reasons for this can be multinational corporations’ increasing influence on world economy as well as scandals revealing horrible working conditions in different industries. In spite of the fact that the demand for CSR is growing, there has always been critics. The most influential critic is Noble Prize winner Milton Friedman, who claims CSR to be a waste of stockholders’ money. However, several articles claim, opposite Friedman, that CSR rather increases a company’s financial performance in the long run. These claims have made us curious about in what way CSR is related to a company’s performance. Moreover, it has led to us wanting to find out how CSR can influence customer perceptions on a product or service offering. Conclusions –All the initiatives gave a positive influence on the respondents’ perceptions, but the ones resulting in the most positive changes of the perceptions and willingness to buy were social responsible business practises, cause-related marketing and corporate philanthropy, which are initiatives where the company are doing the largest effort instead of just encouraging others to make an effort. The respondents answered that they trust the companies’ information about CSR to some extent, but also think a third party should scrutinise the companies’ activities and inform. The most favourable channel for CSR information was from environmental organisations, government organisations and the third party web media. Therefore it seems like the respondents value that the companies provide information, but are not too forward and pushing the information on them by for example advertisements. Keywords : CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, Cause promotion, Cause-related marketing, Corporate social marketing, Corporate philanthropy, Community volunteering, Social responsible business practices. Introduction: CSR is today a frequently used concept, as companies to a larger extent are held accountable for what is happening in the society. The company should also inform the stakeholders about their CSR activities in an appropriate way, in order to capitalise from all possible benefits. In order to make a trustworthy impression and gain the most benefits, the choice of CSR activity and way of communication is crucial for the company, and therefore the perceptions of the consumers are very important to know more about and understand. In the last decade tendencies towards a more social aware community have been strong. In itself these trends are nothing that is particularly new. People have always preached for problems like public health, wildlife protection, prevention of child labor etc. What is different now is that companies to a larger extent are held accountable for what is happening in our society. Companies that engage in CSR activities are likely to have different motives for doing so. Many researches claim that corporate social responsibility originally consists of activities that a company performs out of commitment and duty. However, there are also commercial motives for CSR activities. For example CSR activities may result in advantages when it comes to receiving funding, recruiting new employees, cost reductions etc. To capitalise from all possible advantages it is crucial for the company to communicate their CSR work in an appropriate way. Theoretical Framework: Types of CSR Activities: a) Cause promotion Cause promotion is often done in the way that the company provide funds, contribute financially or with any other resource, with the objective to increase awareness, support fundraising or participation, or to recruit volunteers for a specific cause. In this initiative persuasive communications are important, to create concern and to persuade people to contribute or participate to support the cause. In successful campaigns use of motivating messages and the choice of effective media channels are crucial. They also make use of publicity, printed materials, special events, web sites, advertising, featuring the logo and key message of the company and those who represent the cause. Further methods are employee involvement, messages on product labelling and to provide store space for promotions. Many of the potential benefits are marketing related, like strengthened brand positioning and preference, increased traffic and consumer loyalty.

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My Decision Making Model - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 818 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/09/19 Category Marketing Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? My Decision Making Model Experience MMPBL/500 July 12, 2010 Mr. Chuck Millhollan Abstract Throughout every day of our lives we are forced to make decisions although at times it is not the easiest task. As a result, decision making models are utilized to ease the burden of making the wrong decisions which have lasting effects. There are numerous decision making models and they each function in various ways. However, my most favorable decision making process is the rational decision making process. It helps to me weigh my options as to what is my best possible choice and clearly depicts the consequences of my final decision. My Decision Making Model Experience The rational decision making process is a six step process that is utilized extensively in many organizations and schools. The process is used so that decisions made are in the best interest of each situation. According to Janis and Mann, â€Å" in rational decision making: (a) the goals and objectives of decision mak ers are clear and known in advance; (b) the decision maker chooses the best alternative among all possible courses of action; (c) full information about the consequences of possible courses of action is available; and (d) there is no uncertainty involved†(Decision making, 2001). As an elementary educator, I frequently make decisions and tend to utilize the rational decision making process as I do so. Defining the Problem Prior to any decision making process being used there must be a problem or situation on hand. The first step is defining the exact problem and it can be easily overlooked. It helps to avoid misinterpretations of the problem and uncommon solutions especially when working with others. For instance when we are conducting grade level meetings we normally begin by individual stating problems that we have been encountering individually in the classroom. We then merge those individual issues and find one root that is the cause of those issues and target it as o ur main problem. Research Pros and Cons In every situation after establish the problem it is then possible to research how to eliminate the problem and the pros and cons of doing such. According to the Macquarie Dictionary, when we evaluate the pros and cons of a decision we are â€Å"establishing the arguments for and against something† (Macquarie, 2010). As a result we then, formulate solutions and the good and bad of each solution. It helps us to consider every possible option and recognize consequences, if any. This in return is what primarily aids in what decisions are made in efforts to benefit the students. Making a Decision and Formulating a Plan When making decisions especially within a group it can be very time consuming and requires a lot of thought. After weighing the pros and cons one should be able to make the best possible choice that is going to benefit the situation. As we progress to making a decision in our grade level meeting we aim to come to once c onsensus which is normally done by taking a vote based on our findings. When then immediately begin brainstorming ways in which we can get our ideas and decisions into actions by formulating a plan. We establish our weekly plan which is a detailed description of the daily activities and lessons that is carefully executed by all teachers within that grade level. We then schedule or next grade level meeting to evaluate the outcome of our decisions and plans to solve them. Evaluate Results Why establish a plan and do not evaluate the productivity or outcome? No matter the situation it is always of best interest to evaluate any plan put in place to rectify a problem. It is done by reevaluating the problem, the solutions that were presented, the plan that was put in place, and how well the plan was executed and succeeded in alleviating the problem. At the beginning of our weekly grade level meetings we use the first ten minutes to valuate prior plans that were put in place and whether they were effective or not. At that point we are able to make the necessary alterations needed or express what portions of the plan was successful. Conclusion The rational decision making model help to ensure order and consistency is established into making your decision. It also provides a well thought-out and orderly approach to decision making. It helps make certain we consider all factors relating to a decision, in the most reasonable manner. Utilizing the rational decision making process helps to make vital decisions both in and out of the work place and continues to play an important role in decisions made all across the globe. References Decision making. (2001). In Readers Guide to the Social Sciences. Retrieved from https://www. credoreference. com/entry/routsocial/decision_making pros and cons. The Macquarie Dictionary. South Yarra: The Macquarie Library Pty Ltd. , 2005. Credo Reference. Web. 14 July 2010. Decision-making. Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Hoboken: W iley, 2005. Credo Reference. Web. 14 July 2010. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "My Decision Making Model" essay for you Create order

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Analysis Of Amrhein, Lexie Sr Flavio s Home - 935 Words

Amrhein, Lexie SR â€Å"Flavio’s Home† Background Gordon Parks is an author and photographer. He was born in Kansas in 1912. He has his own museum called â€Å"the Gordon Parks Museum† that displays some of his best work to the public. Parks also has a foundations called â€Å"the Gordon Parks Foundation.† Many consider â€Å"American Gothic† to be his masterpiece. â€Å"American Gothic† is a famous image that Parks took in Washington, D.C., in 1942. He was the first African American photographer for both Life and Vogue. In addition to taking photos and writing books, Parks was also a poet. Some of his poems include The Learning Tree (1986), A Choice of Weapons (1987), To Smile in Autumn (1988), Arias in Silence (1994), and Glimpses Toward Infinity (1996). The piece below is a description essay of one of his most touching photographs that he took in 1990 of a poor boy in Rio de Janeiro. Summary â€Å"I’ve never lost my fierce grudge against poverty. It is the most savage of all human afflictions, claiming victims who can’t mobilize their efforts against it, who often lack strength to digest what little food they scrounge up to survive† (1). In â€Å"Flavio’s Home,† the author gives his readers a descriptive visual of what life is like on the Rio de Janeiro. More specifically, Parks focuses in on a twelve year old boy that goes by the name Flavio. The author and his co-worker were on a mission to gain information